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About Us

Cirrus8’s Story

Australian-based, with representation in every capital city, Cirrus8 is better supported than other software platform of its type. The system enjoys the benefits of constant and regular enhancement, driven by its large local software development team.

Cirrus8 is robust and stable, and much easier to use than many other existing commercial property management applications. With an emphasis on improving clients’ workflow efficiencies and reducing their internal property management accounting costs, Cirrus8 is committed to making the lives of property management staff and company principals more productive and enjoyable.

In The Cloud

Cirrus8 foresaw the move of modern software solutions to the cloud.

As one of the first in Australia to provide a fully hosted top-tier SaaS (Software as a Solution) product for the commercial real estate industry, Cirrus8 continues to be the “go to” solution for Agents, Asset Managers, Syndicators and Government Agencies discover the system’s power and flexibility.

Experienced Team

Cirrus8’s Directors are commercial property experts, having run some of Australia’s largest and most successful real estate companies.
Unsurprisingly, the platform looks and feels like it has been designed by people with a strong understanding of how commercial property is managed in the real world.

In an age where many property accounting software systems have given up trying to keep pace with changing technology and customer requirements, Cirrus8 continues to innovate and enhance, providing new features and functionality to its clients regularly.

The Future

With a strong development pipeline of new and exciting features, Cirrus8 continues to add convenient automation to many of property management’s most mundane tasks.

Some of our Clients…