How an Associate Director in Commercial Property Management is able to accomplish a variety of tasks with ease, accuracy, and speed by utilising the Cirrus8 System. - Cirrus8
Kadison News

Burgess Rawson Canberra
Case Study

How an Associate Director in Commercial Property Mgmt. is able to accomplish a variety of tasks with ease, accuracy, & speed by using the Cirrus8 System.

Case Study

A case study of Associate Director - Mr. Kadison News from Burgess Rawson Canberra.
What property management software were you using before Cirrus8?

We were using MRI Software before signing up with Cirrus8.

How long has Burgess Rawson Canberra been using Cirrus8 for their Property management Software?

We've been happily using Cirrus8 for over two years.

Before you joined Burgess Rawson – did you use any other Commercial Property management system?

This is the first commercial system I've used.

What does your workday as an Associate Director entail?

Due to managing a mixed portfolio of properties with unique owners and tenants, not one day is quite like the other. Beyond our key tasks, we encounter new and interesting challenges to resolve every week. These challenges push me to stay on my toes and continue learning.

The priority of each day (after coffee) is to communicate with my team and provide guidance where required. We work together to ensure our portfolio remains healthy and successful, so it's important that we connect frequently and can assist each other across multiple issues.

Once I've met with the team, I review the status of each property's accounts and act as necessary. This includes but is not limited to reviewing arrears, creating budgets, coding invoices, and submitting payment runs through the Cirrus8 system. If not closely monitored, small issues can become major very quickly. I then ensure that each of our owners are updated and informed on any activity with their property. Each owner has unique requirements for managing their property, so we do everything we can to personalise our service to our clients.

From that point onwards, it depends on the day! It could be anything from meeting with various stakeholders, onboarding new properties, project managing construction works or training our team members.

I really value the variety of each day as there is always something new and interesting to be involved in.

Do you use the system often during your workday or workweek?

Cirrus8 is foundational to my workday. It is the first point of reference for anything regarding our portfolio.

What is the main objective you want to achieve using Cirrus8 during your work week?

Our main objective is to utilise the Cirrus8 system to efficiently and accurately action, monitor and control multiple facets of our service. Including but not limited to accounting, compliance, maintenance, and record keeping. The Cirrus8 cloud-based system is critical to our team performing our award-winning service.

Do you leverage the Critical Data Management dashboard in your workflow?

Yes, the dashboard provides a useful snapshot of what our properties require each day and any outstanding work that needs to be completed.

What features do you find you cannot live without?

That's a tough one, nearly all of it! When my predecessor told me they had a "favourite financial report", I laughed. However, I now find myself in the same position. The Accounting Reports and Diary Management functions are among the many features of Cirrus8 that I depend on. The system’s usability makes my role a lot easier, especially when training new team members.

What specific results have you seen from implementing Cirrus8?

We are able to manage our portfolio more efficiently and effectively by utilising the features of Cirrus8. The system allows us to communicate and action multiple tasks in a matter of minutes, providing us more time to grow and manage our department.

Has there been noticeable improvements in the main system since you started using the software?

Yes definitely. The system is constantly innovated and improved with new features and functionality. We are grateful that, as users, our input is requested and actioned by the Cirrus8 team.

What advice would you give to others searching for a new property management platform?

My priorities for finding the right management platform are functionality, usability, and support.

Firstly, ensure that the system you're researching fulfils your business and clients' day-to-day needs. Each property and lessor are unique and will have different requirements, so it’s important that your system can cater for each one of your stakeholders.

Secondly, finding a system that is functional and easy to use will save you and your team time and money. It’s vital to have a system that you can understand quickly so you can spend less time training and more time caring for your clients and their investments.

Lastly, support is imperative. The support team at Cirrus8 are always quick to respond to our queries and requests, allowing us to resolve any issues that arise and continue working.

Would you recommend Cirrus8 to others?

Absolutely. When I was applying for roles in Commercial Property Management, a friend who's worked in Commercial Property for over ten years said to me "you should only work somewhere with Cirrus8", and he was right. It's an excellent system, which informed my decision to work with Burgess Rawson Canberra.

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