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How Fitzroys Achieves Flexibility and Efficiency

David Matulis
Assoc. Director - Property Acctg.
What property management software were you using prior to Cirrus8?

We were using RP Office prior to the transition to Cirrus8.

What challenges/pain points were you experiencing that led you to hunt for a new solution?

Fitzroys was after a software that was able to deal with the accrual accounting requirements of larger properties and investors and also the flexibility of a cloud based software solution. We felt we were also looking for a software to simplify the outgoings and invoice processing tasks.

What specific results have you seen from implementing Cirrus8?

The ability of Cirrus8 to work on both a cash and accruals basis has enabled us to ensure we are able to continue to provide support for both Mum & Dad investors with their properties whilst also given us the flexibility to ensure we are able to conform to the accounting requirements of global funds. Cirrus8 has ensured that daily tasks such as rent reviews and lease expiries etc are tracked with a great deal of efficiency. Cirrus8 through its varied and intuitive reporting and search options has also lead to the team being able to find information in a much more concise way.

˝Cirrus8 has ensured that daily tasks such as rent reviews and lease expiries etc are tracked with a great deal of efficiency.˝

What advice would you give to others searching for a new property management platform?

The search for a new property management software is always a complex and difficult time for any business and the management of this change is extremely important. It is very important to understand why you are looking to move to a new software and important that you analyse the key areas where moving software could provide some benefits to your business, whilst also looking at things your current software does well to ensure these efficiencies you already have aren’t lost during the transition.

Cirrus8 has a fantastic support team that help you through the transition from your current software to Cirrus8, including the training team and the implementation team who communicated brilliantly throughout the whole transition. Cirrus8 is continuing to make improvements to the product on a regular basis and are happy to listen to feedback on what it is you are looking to obtain from the software.

What are 2 of your favourite functions within Cirrus8?

A couple of my favourite functions within Cirrus8 are the bank download (it makes the receipting a dream), the arrears process where you are able to contact multiple tenants with different letters at the same time and the month end process which has made doing month end payments a breeze. We are also enjoying the ability to keep all data within one system, rather then relying on various external forms to input and track data.

Would you recommend Cirrus8 to others?

We would recommend Cirrus8 to others as we have had a successful experience throughout our implementation and the months following. The Cirrus8 support team are always there to provide help if you run into issues and the program is well designed and presented. The program is intuitive and as we get further into our use of Cirrus8 we continue to find features that make the program easier to use for both property management and trust accounting users.

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