How MLV used Cirrus8 to remain competitive through the height of COVID-19 pandemic.

Anita Sorgiovanni
Asset Manager
MLV Commercial and Industrial Real Estate
What property management software were you using prior to Cirrus8?


What challenges/pain points were you experiencing that led you to hunt for a new solution?

We found MRI had a lot of shortcomings and frustrations. There was a high amount of manual processing that had to be completed for most Property Management tasks and as an office we were unable to go paperless with the MRI processes. We wanted to be able to use one system for everything and to do away with numerous spreadsheets we were still using, there was also a very substandard facility for sales and leasing deposits and tracking. Many of our Landlords had issues reading the end of month reports and there was also a lot of manual manipulation of letters printed from the system. We also believed that we could get better value for money with the different programs on the market as basic functionality and features in MRI were only attainable at a cost. The support provided by MRI was also severely lacking and a lot of support requests went unanswered or took weeks to rectify.

What were the requirements/key features you were looking for in a new solution?

Our requests for our new system was: paperless, simplified processes, better follow up systems, to have the ability to work from any location with ease, automatic reminders, simplified accounts processes, reliable software support and a good FM system for work order management.

˝Sign up with Cirrus8. Implementation of Cirrus8 is straightforward and the training and support provided gives user confidence in the process.˝

What specific results have you seen from implementing Cirrus8?

We often comment that our office would have not made it through the height of the Covid-19 pandemic if we had not made the change to C8 two months prior to the madness. The system made the challenge of deferred rent and management fee charges and credits extremely simple and easy to follow through. Processes for rent reviews, lease renewal and other administration tasks are more or less undertaken/calculated in full by the system which leaves little room for error or oversight. The automatic invoice reader has made our invoicing processes a lot more streamlined and turnaround time has shortened allowing us to pay our suppliers in a quicker timeframe which has also strengthened relationships with our trades. The sentiment in our office in relation to all administration/system related tasks has risen noticeably. Staff training and on boarding is a simple process with Cirrus8 and the program can be picked up with ease. From a reporting perspective, the range of reports generated from Cirrus8 are extensive, flexible and provide a great level of detail and assists immensely to drill down on information from an accounts, management and property management perspective.

How has Cirrus8 separated you from your competition?

Cirrus8 has allowed us to have better processes and manage properties more effectively and efficiently thus saving us time to better service our clients. Information is available at our fingertips and the partitioning function has made our accounts processing extremely streamlined.

What advice would you give to others searching for a new property management platform?

Sign up with Cirrus8. Implementation of Cirrus8 is straightforward and the training and support provided gives user confidence in the process.

Would you recommend Cirrus8 to others?

With no hesitation.

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