How Commercial Property Manager Suvi Joutselainen has more time to get out to see her properties; the day-to-day management is quicker. - Cirrus8
Suvi Joutselainen

North Commercial NT
Case Study

How Commercial Property Manager Suvi Joutselainen has more time to get out to see her properties; the day-to-day management is quicker.

Case Study

A case study of Commercial Property Manager - Ms. Suvi Joutselainen from North Commercial NT.
What property management software were you using before Cirrus8?

Property Tree (using the Residential software for both portfolios)

How long has North Commercial NT been using Cirrus8 for its Property management Software?

As a company, since August 2022. Me personally, I have been using it since 2018 and had a great experience overall, hence why we opted for it for North Commercial NT

What Commercial Property Management System did North Commercial NT use before Cirrus8?

After using Property Tree for both portfolios, we briefly migrated to another software marketed as commercial; however, it quickly became clear that they did not, in fact, offer a lot of the basic functionality required for commercial property management or provide the level of support we expected during a rollover.

Do you see any noticeable difference between the system you used and the key features Cirrus8 is now offering you?

There are too many differences to list. However, we love that Cirrus8 is intuitive and blends perfectly into our day-to-day commercial management activities.

A big difference is the level of support we get from Cirrus8 and how helpful the Cirrus8 team was during our rollover. It was magical. We also love how quick and easy CirrusFM is and how simple the whole rental increase process is.

What does your workday as a staff member at North Commercial NT entail?

As we're just starting to grow our commercial portfolio, I currently look after all management and trust account activities for our portfolio. I do the receipting and arrears first up and then look after ingoing, vacates, rent reviews and maintenance. I appreciate that Cirrus8 allows me to log a fair amount of notes and information in the system, so staff in other departments can pick up matters for me while I'm out of the office.

Do you use the system often during your workday or workweek?

Almost constantly. Even out on the road. I wish there were an app, as I'm constantly logging in on my phone while I'm out to check information, arrears, and contact details.

What is the main objective you want to achieve using Cirrus8 during your work week?

To gain efficiency, to ensure all key dates for Leases are actioned, e.g. Rental increases, expiries, inspections, and to manage our arrears.

Do you leverage the Critical Data Management dashboard in your workflow?

Admittedly, I do not use this much at all at the moment. However, I hope to review all our diary items by the end of the year and use the calendar function more. I imagine that the dashboard will also be more useful to use when we grow our Commercial Property Management team.

What features do you find you cannot live without?

The old Lease Summary tab quickly shows outstanding and yet-to-be-generated invoices. The Rent Review feature is a godsend, as is the Generate Arrears Statement feature. I love that I can send all my tenants in arrears the appropriate templates all at once.

The Property Budget tool is a lifesaver at EOFY, but I don't really interact with it outside of EOFY reconciliations. I'd love to learn how to make the most of this feature.

What specific results have you seen from implementing Cirrus8?

Overall, I have more time to get out to see my properties; the day-to-day management is quicker. I've also been able to action all our overdue rental increases, which is fantastic.

Have there been noticeable improvements in the main system since you started using the software?

Not so far.

How has Cirrus8 separated you from your competition?

Increasing my control over the portfolio and allowing us to offer a more hands-on service. As a few of our largest competitors also use Cirrus8, we're also able to offer seamless transfers when landlords bring us their management.

What advice would you give to others searching for a new property management platform?

I'd recommend Cirrus8 solely on the fact that it's so much more intuitive, and it's so easy to quickly pick up how to do your day-to-day tasks, especially compared to other software.

Cirrus8 is also purpose-built for Commerical properties, whilst many other systems seem to have just tweaked their residential software and simply don't provide the functionality required for a commercial portfolio. The support level is fantastic too, which is so important during a rollover!

Would you recommend Cirrus8 to others?

I cannot recommend Cirrus8 enough. Cirrus8 allows you to focus on what matters most.

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