Accounts Payable - Automated Invoice

Cirrus8 accounts payable screen on monitor display

Using an Optical Character Recognition robot, CirrusAI will automatically populate the payment screen – completely removing the necessity to manually input accounts payable invoices. It deals with multiple lines of text in the body of the invoice and is programmed to properly allocate the GST. It even has the ability to determine the appropriate account code that the cost should be allocated to.

CirrusAI is a game changer in the world of commercial real estate software and a feature unique to Cirrus8.


  • With properties and contractors already loaded from Cirrus8, the drop down lists ensures there is online validation.
  • Cost recovery checkbox is a mandatory field, ensuring the responsibility for the cost is determined upfront and recoveries are never missed.
  • Suppliers receive email notification of the order but they too can login and advise when the job is complete via the integrated staff and Supplier Portal.
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