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Executive Manager Plus Dashboard

Cirrus8 has developed an industry leading business analytics tool that captures and displays key business metrics in an easy-to-understand dashboard. Drill down on information and uncover the next layer of detail beneath. The dashboard provides unparalleled insight into your business’s profitability and cost management.

Agency Profitability Dial

  • Gross Profit
  • Gross Profit Percentage
  • Budgeted Income
  • Income
  • Variance to Budget

Portfolio Trends

  • Comparison by year - Properties
  • Comparison by year - Active Occupied Units
  • Comparison by year - Number of Owners

Portfolio Management Income (yr) VS Budget

  • Track management income against budget
  • Drill down by portfolio manager to understand anomalies
  • Track staff KPI’s using real-time data analytics

Portfolio Makeup

  • Accurately display the composition of your portfolio, identifying the proportion of Retail, Industrial, Commercial and many other categories

Total Arrears Position

  • Access up-to-the-minute arrears reporting, displaying the 5 largest arrears accounts
  • Use the information in team meetings to minimise arrears problems
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