Property Management

The Cirrus8 dashboard provides a quick snapshot of your working week. View critical diary items with hyperlinks to essential information. Filter by portfolio so you only see the information you need. Access virtual forms to start your paperless workflows.
Business Intelligence
Monitor and analyse your key business metrics using Cirrus8’s Business Intelligence tool. Drill down on information, assess efficiency, make decisions and plan strategically.
Interactive Online Forms
Data submission in Cirrus8 is facilitated through interactive online forms that provide a single point of data entry, with real-time validation.
Critical Date Management
Never miss a critical date again! Diarise everything and anything. Fully customisable, with the ability to keep a running commentary for each task. If you go on leave, others will have insight into the task’s progress.
  • Leveraging the efficiency of cloud computing, Cirrus8 is fast becoming the property accounting platform of choice by Australia’s most successful property agents, syndicate/fund managers and property owners.
  • Developed by property professionals with highly sophisticated functionality, yet intuitive and user friendly, Cirrus8 allows for quick productivity gains with minimal system training.
  • With constant system enhancement providing a raft of new features and modules, Cirrus8 improves business workflow efficiency while reducing accounting costs across all facets of the property accounting landscape.
  • Cirrus8 is a commercial property management and accounting platform that streamlines property management processes.
  • Users have access to up-to-date portfolio information from wherever they are – all you need is an internet connection.
  • As a Property Manager, you have quick access to all tenant, property and owner information through the use of the search button.
  • Other property management activities can be activated from the dashboard at the click of a button or you receive them via the automated email task reminder service to ensure you never miss important tasks.
  • You can upload invoices to Cirrus8 and attach them to transactions for online viewing. Cash and accruals accounting is also built-in. Emailing tenant invoices, owner reports and remittances ensures no time is wasted.

Cirrus8 Dashboard

The Cirrus8 dashboard provides the entry point to workflow within the system by presenting users with a clear summary of the status and timeline of commonly performed tasks.

Forms Section

The forms section displays common tasks, including rent reviews, charges and credits, payments, receipts and standing charges (recurring charges). Users have the ability to view forms, complete new forms and view their processing status.

Intelligent and Context Based

They are simple to use and only present relevant information to the user.

For example, on the rent review form, if you select a date for the charge to take effect before the current billing date, you are presented with options for calculating back-charges and generating an interim invoice.


The calendar shows critical dates within the system, including lease and property related dates such as rent review, lease expiry, and reminders to collect management fees. Select a date on the calendar to display an itemised list of tasks for that day, with links to online forms and the ability to mark those tasks as completed in the diary.

Efficient Workflow

Cirrus8 forms are designed to create an efficient workflow. Where relevant, related tasks are highlighted and can be actioned immediately.

For example, when completing a new lease form, an option to diarise a lease expiry date is presented next to the lease expiry. Rent review dates can be automatically diarised by clicking a button.

Draft Facility for Longer Forms

Longer forms such as a new property or lease form have a draft facility. This enables users to save available information on a partially completed form, then return to the form later and complete it for submission.

Real-Time Validation

Cirrus8 forms have real-time validation. Data integrity is ensured by validating the information being submitted by the user, as well as quality control of the information by trust accountants. Cirrus8 also calculates complex validation criteria in real-time, including available funds, management fees, and posting period limitations.

Focus on Usability

Cirrus8 forms are designed with a focus on usability. Drop downs help you choose from a list of items and radio groups are used when offering a simple choice. Date fields have intelligent shortcuts, while a pop-up calendar is available if you prefer to point and click.

Email Reminders

Cirrus8 schedules email reminders for critical diary dates. These can be sent daily to Property Managers, notifying them of all tasks for that day, as well as upcoming items. Email reminders can also be scheduled monthly to provide an analysis of outstanding items, or forecast future items.

For Management, Cirrus8 provides a consolidated report of all outstanding items for all Property Managers.

Real-Time Charts

Real-time charts with drilldown capabilities enable managers and other stakeholders to quickly assess metrics.

Metrics for analysis include leases under management, property arrears, fees received, property valuations and many more.

  • Leases under management
  • Area under management
  • Property arrears
  • Diary analysis
  • Fees received
  • Lease expiry profiles
  • Financial result trends
  • Financial results vs budget
  • CAM/outgoings trend analysis
  • Rent analysis
  • Property valuation
  • Occupancy cost (retail)
  • Sales analysis (retail)
  • Door count (retail)

Multiple Views for Charts

Charts have multiple views, allowing analysis of metrics against different criteria.

For example, an area under management can be viewed by portfolio, property manager or property. Fees received can be viewed by property manager or property and also offers a view of the management fee components by account.

Management of Critical Dates

Cirrus8’s diary system allows dates to be tracked against a property, a lease or as a general reminder. All critical dates have a status of either open or closed to facilitate task completion.

While diarised items can be managed centrally from the Diary Maintenance form, one of the key advantages of Cirrus8 is that date management is usually done in context with the associated task.

For example, rent review, lease expiry and option dates are diarised when creating a new lease. A management fee collection reminder can be diarised and the related diary item closed when completing a rent review.

Reporting of Critical Dates

A timeline of outstanding and upcoming reminders is presented through the calendar on the dashboard, and it also provides access to the associated task.

Retail Properties

  • Monthly sales figures
  • Detailed sales reporting
  • Foot traffic
  • Charting sales and traffic data
  • Retail tenancy schedule
  • Retail categories and sub-categories
  • Turnover rent
  • Excel reporting of sales figures
  • Tenancy mix charting
  • Compare mix against industry benchmarks
  • Promotion fund
  • Sinking fund
  • Outgoings reconciliations
  • Budgeted outgoings letters to tenants

Tenant Management

  • Lease abstract
  • View lease agreement online
  • Flexible charge periods (monthly, weekly….)
  • Rent reviews
  • Lease notes
  • Multiple lease charges
  • Tenant contacts

Owner Management

  • Owners’ portal
  • Multiple owners
  • Pay set amount to owners
  • Various financial report options
  • Emailing owner reports
  • Lease expiry profiles
  • Tenancy schedules

Portfolio Management

  • Defined property structure
  • Sundry charges
  • Prioritise management fee recovery
  • Overdue diary dates
  • Vacancy reports
  • Lease expiry profiles
  • Re-assign portfolio managers
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