Features - Retail Module - Cirrus8

Retail Module

Real-time insights into door count, managing turnover leases, Sales Data inputs, and sales reporting are all provided by the end-to-end unified Cirrus8 retail system.

Manage Doors

  • You have the ability to set up the various doors in Cirrus8 and Manage Doors so that door counts can be kept. You are able to see the state of the doors and determine whether the doors are internal or external with the Cirrus8 software platform

Door Count Reporting

  • Knowing how many people enter and exit your retail centre is essential. Cirrus8 can provide a report of customers who visit your business during a specific period
  • A traffic reporting system can also assist landlords' in determining traffic based on advertising or current promotions, and whether there is an increase, reduction, or sales stayed constant during the promotional time

Sales Data Input

  • The sales data input feature enables users to enter monthly sales information that is then displayed in the Sales Report
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