Work Orders/Facility Management


  • Different authorisation levels based on the value of the order
  • Allocate the cost to a cost centre – owners, outgoings or on charge to a tenant
  • Set up authorised suppliers to be used for categories of work
  • Online entry and management of work orders
  • Compare order and invoice amounts
  • Assign work to a service category and service type, e.g. air-conditioning, contract fees
  • Email orders to suppliers – and suppliers respond through the Supplier Portal or the embedded link you sent them
  • Assign an estimated cost and a date the work is required by
  • Store and use your preferred suppliers list
  • Set a priority status for urgent work orders
  • Populate CirrusFM with properties and suppliers directly from Cirrus8 – with no double handling of data
  • Manage contractor insurance compliance and certifications

How it Works

Work orders and quotes can be created quickly and easily using intuitive forms. It is a simple 3-step process.

Orders are then automatically emailed to contractors for them to view and progress online.

Your approved list of contractors is assigned to only their categories of work, simplifying and speeding up supplier selection for users.

The priority setting ensures contractors give priority to urgent requests.

Different levels of authorisation of the order can be set, prior to sending to the supplier, while the current status of any order is only a click away.

Easy to read Dashboard gives you complete control of all of the quotes and work orders currently in play.

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