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cirrus8 leaseAdmin


cirrus8 leaseAdmin is a leading online solution that facilitates the management of commercial leases.

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Lowers occupancy cost, with over-charges easily detected
Better informed decision making for lease requirements, with business intelligence on leases displayed on dashboard and in a series of charts
Facilities and space management enabled through key information captured against a lease
Never miss a critical lease date
How it works
The dashboard graphically summarises portfolio information, while the mapping services display the lease locations across the globe.
And being cloud-based means it is accessible from anywhere over the internet using a secure login, and is cost-effective to deploy.
Powerful reporting capabilities enable lease information to be reported online or downloaded to excel or pdf reports.
cirrus8 leaseAdmin is intuitive and easy to use. The smart search feature enables you to quickly find what you are looking for.
Import capabilities facilitate the migration from other systems or excel, or new users can utilise our migration service which manages a smooth transition for you.
Data is secured through multiple levels of redundancy in a tier one data centre.

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