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Cirrus8 is a dynamic web-based software platform, providing best practice trust accounting solutions to the commercial, retail, industrial and strata property management market.

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The Cirrus8 dashboard provides the entry point to workflow within the system by presenting users with a clear summary of the status and timeline of commonly performed tasks.

Visual KPI ™ - Management Tools

VisualKPI™ is Cirrus8’s management tool designed to facilitate the monitoring of key risk areas and assist decision making to improve overall profitability.

Interactive Online Forms

Data submission in Cirrus8 is facilitated through interactive online forms that provide a single point of data entry, with real-time validation.

Critical Date Management

The management of critical dates and the associated tasks is a central feature of Cirrus8.

  • Leveraging the efficiency of cloud computing, Cirrus8 is fast becoming the property accounting platform of choice by some of Australia’s most successful property agents, syndicate/fund managers and property owners.
  • Developed by property professionals with highly sophisticated functionality, yet intuitive and user friendly, Cirrus8 allows for quick productivity gains with minimal system training.
  • With constant system enhancement providing a raft of new features and modules, this software improves business workflow efficiency while reducing accounting costs across all facets of the property accounting landscape.
  • Cirrus8 is a commercial property management and accounting platform that streamlines property management processes.
  • User have access to up-to-date portfolio information from wherever they are – all you need is an internet connection.
  • As a Property Manager, you have quick access to all tenant, property and owner information through the use of the search button.
  • Other property management activities can be activated from the dashboard at the click of a button or you receive them via the automated email task reminder service to ensure you never miss important tasks.
  • As a Trust Accountant, there is no double-handling. Simply pick up the online form and submit and process it seamlessly.
  • You can upload invoices to Cirrus8 and attach them to transactions for online viewing. Cash and accruals accounting is also built-in. Emailing tenant invoices, owner reports and remittances ensures no time is wasted.