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Critical Date Management

Management of Critical Dates

Cirrus8’s diary system allows dates to be tracked against a Property, a Lease or as a general reminder. All critical dates have a status of either open or closed to facilitate task completion.

While diarised items can be managed centrally from the Diary Maintenance form, one of the key advantages of Cirrus8 is that date management is usually done in context with the associated task.

For example, rent review, lease expiry and option dates are diarised when creating a new lease. A management fee collection reminder can be diarised and the related diary item closed when completing a rent review.

Reporting of Critical Dates

A timeline of outstanding and upcoming reminders is presented through the calendar on the dashboard, and it also provides access to the associated task.

Email Reminders

Cirrus8 schedules email reminders for critical diary dates. These can be sent daily to Property Managers notifying them of all tasks for that day, as well as upcoming items. Email reminders can also be scheduled monthly to provide an analysis of outstanding items, or forecast future items.
For Management, Cirrus8 provides a consolidated report of all outstanding items for all Property Managers.