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Interactive Online Forms

Intelligent and Context Based

They are simple to use and only present relevant information to the user.

For example, on the rent review form, if you select a date for the charge to take effect before the current billing date, you are presented with options for calculating back-charges and generating an interim invoice.

Efficient Workflow

Cirrus8 forms are designed to create an efficient workflow. Where relevant, related tasks are highlighted and can be actioned immediately.

For example, when completing a new lease form, an option to diarise a lease expiry date is presented next to the lease expiry. Rent review dates can be automatically diarised by clicking a button.

Draft Facility for Longer Forms

Longer forms such as a new property or lease form have a draft facility. This enables users to save available information on a partially completed form, then return to the form later and complete it for submission.

Real Time Validation

Cirrus8 forms have real-time validation. Data integrity is ensured by validating the information being submitted by the user, as well as quality control of the information by Trust accountants. Cirrus8 also calculates complex validation criteria in real-time, including available funds, management fees, and posting period limitations.

Focus on Usability

Cirrus8 forms are designed with a focus on usability. Drop downs help you choose from a list of items and radio groups are used when offering a simple choice. Date fields have intelligent shortcuts, while a pop-up calendar is available if you prefer to point and click.