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How digital disruption is changing the face of Commercial Real Estate

Posted on Oct 29, 2018

It is a fast paced world we live and work in. Not a week goes by when we’re not shown some advance in robotic technology, consumer advantage, a new app to save lives, or more. This digital disruption, how technology is changing our lives, impacts upon all levels of the industry. And yes, it has an impact upon the Commercial Real Estate Industry.

Look at your world and see how disruptive tech is becoming the norm. We no longer have Blockbuster hiring out DVDs for the weekend. We have Netflix, Stan, and other streaming services, and the younger generation watching a lot of YouTube videos. When was the last time you bought an actual CD? Or are you buying a couple of songs from an album on iTunes? Using Spotify or I-Heart-Radio to stream your music? Australia Post is becoming less relevant to us thanks to email. Do you still own a Melways or UBD? Most people now use an app on their phones or an in-dash GPS navigator to get from A to B.

The way we live our lives has changed thanks to technology. And it is going to keep changing.

So how is this digital disruption affecting the Commercial Real Estate industry? Let’s have a look at some examples from the client side.

With ever-increasing access to technology and information, potential tenants are now armed with much more data and information before they approach an agent to rent a commercial property. It is easy to discover how much rent other, similar properties, are paying in the neighbourhood.

Additionally, with the growing need for information and data fast, your potential tenants will require good access to high-speed internet. Having this as part of a property’s features may just win you a client.

A different view of digital disruption comes from looking at consumers. The changing way people shop these days, with a growing online shopping culture, is increasing the demand for warehouse space. Being able to cater for warehousing, with ease of delivery and, as mentioned before, fast internet and other tech inclusions can really put you ahead of the game and your competition.

How is Cirrus8 disrupting the Commercial Property Management industry?

Cirrus8 is a cloud-based property management and trust accounting platform that give users flexibility, mobility and a powerful reporting engine to meet their needs. No matter where you are, you can access property, owner and tenant information. You can be as up to date on the latest information just like your clients.

With the portability of just a tablet, you can manage your clients and their properties. We free you from being chained to an office chair.

The Cirrus8 platform streamlines the user experience. Fewer clicks to find what you need. Fewer menus to navigate. We give you an efficient workflow.

We give you digital flexibility

  • Auto-receipting – based on bank feeds or bank files and a machine learning algorithm, the system finds the tenant and suggests an allocation. Supplier Portal – giving up to date order details to suppliers and contractors, allowing them to complete orders faster and update orders online
  • Application Programming Interface- open API gives you the ability to integrate Cirrus8 with other cloud software solutions that you use.

The Cirrus8 software suite is radically changing the way traditional commercial property managers work and relate with their customers.

We are disrupting the industry.

The Cirrus8 software suite and our team of experienced and talented staff are here to help you keep up with technology, keep up with the changing needs of the industry, and keep ahead of your competition.

Call 1300 922 525 or email [email protected] and get ahead of the game.