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How much automation is too much?

by Steven M Carulli B.Bus (Curtin) Cert Real Man (PTC) AICD
Posted on Jun 02, 2021

In a world where technology and automation are becoming an absolute necessity in everything we do, when is it simply too much?

At Cirrus8, we have a strong understanding of the agent – landlord dynamic, where property owners expect their assets to be professionally managed, with few, if any mistakes.

When we balance that with the agent’s desire to use technology to supercharge their workday, allowing them to manage more properties with fewer staff, we come to an interesting nexus.

Commercial property managers are always keen for their software platforms to remove the labour-intensive tasks involved with collecting the rent, paying the bills, organising maintenance, and reporting to their landlord clients.

However, there is always the underlying necessity to make sure that the funds entering and leaving the trust account are being properly administered. In fact, there are serious legislative penalties for getting it wrong.

So, the challenge is to blend smart and efficient automation with the necessary “control”, to make sure the money isn’t going where it shouldn’t be.

At Cirrus8, through a process of workflow design and customer feedback, we believe we get the balance right. Where the property manager still enjoys all the time-saving benefits of robotic processing, automated receipting, and auto-populating forms, without feeling like they have lost control.

Every property manager has had those moments when a mistake is discovered and that feeling of “dread” descends, as they contemplate explaining the problem to the landlord.

Well-designed automated processes, with the appropriate checks and balances, remove the likelihood of having to have those uncomfortable conversations - too often.

At Cirrus8, simply automating a process is never the dominating focus, but making sure that the property manager retains control while enjoying some time-saving benefits is always front of mind.