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Using Commercial Management Software to Create a Competitive Edge

by Steven M Carulli B.Bus (Curtin) Cert Real Man (PTC) AICD
Posted on Jun 20, 2021

Many smaller commercial agents have made do with software built for the residential market, usually because the price point to get into a more sophisticated solution was often considered too high. At Cirrus8, we are working to change that perception by offering a cost-effective – but powerful and flexible platform for commercial agencies of all sizes. Leveraging technology to create a competitive advantage is now available to all sized agencies - if they choose their software solution carefully.

Consider looking for software that does not penalise your growth - even encouraging and assisting it. At Cirrus8, we have worked tirelessly on creating the perfect balance of automation and control to allow our clients to minimise the cost of growth. Your software should improve the way you do business, not hinder it.

In a crowded marketplace, where often price is the only differentiator, commercial agencies are discovering that the latest in cloud-based software can give them a competitive edge.

State of the art Landlord Reporting, coupled with free Owner Portals and the latest in facilities management functionality, now gives the boutique agent the opportunity to compete with the big end of town.

For too long, the big four commercial agents have convinced the market that they are the only ones with sophisticated software solutions, making them the obvious choice for larger assets. However, cloud computing now allows commercial agents of all sizes to harness the power of automation and artificial intelligence to provide industry-leading service levels.

Things like OH and S compliance, automated rent receipting, and robotic processing were once considered out of reach of the average agent, but not anymore. We have developed a fully integrated FM solution, providing the perfect platform to capture contractor’s insurances, allowing tenants to log work requests online and seamlessly upload documentation of any description to the cloud.

With open architecture, modern browser-based software also allows agents of all sizes to integrate multiple systems to provide an end-to-end solution for the most complicated of commercial buildings. Bolting on Inspection Apps, Banking Integrations, and Portfolio Valuation products gives the full spectrum of efficient property management service provision to the smallest of offices.

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