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For Owners

  • Cirrus8 takes commercial property ownership to the next level.
  • Easy to read reports customised to your needs.
  • Unparalleled visibility and online interaction with your property portfolio.

Owner Portal

Cirrus8’s Owner Portal offers landlords and JV partners unparalleled online visibility of their property portfolios.

Read Only - the portal interfaces with Google Maps to create an easy to navigate and intuitive virtual repository for all of the individual portfolio information.

You will never need a compactus unit again. All of the property documentation "lives in the cloud" and can be accessed 24/7 online - from anywhere in the world.

Cirrus8’s Owner Portal Basic comes free of charge (after a once off configuration cost) and allows landlords, JV partners or other remote business partners to gain visibility of particular properties within your wider portfolio.

For only $10/mth, you can offer Owner Portal Plus access, which enables a suite of real-time reports, including arrears, tenancy schedule, unpaid invoices, property balances, cash book and multiple activity reports.

Portal access is the way of the future, with landlords able to receive end of month reporting online in a simple and efficient Publish to Portal format. No more attaching PDFs to emails or paper reports.

Lease documents, floor plans, bank guarantees and management agreements can now be published to the Owner Portal with a click of the mouse.

Dashboard - Cirrus8 Dashboard

The Cirrus8 Dashboard is deliberately clean and uncluttered, delivering summary information in a clear and easy to read format that belies the comprehensive and powerful system capabilities that lay beneath.

Using a series of hyper-links, you can drill down on the information you want, to move to the next screen in an efficient – minimum click manner.

Hosting the Critical Diary Date Calendar, Cirrus8’s dashboard provides an easy to use and intuitive interface with the system through a series of clearly labeled tabs.

With a built in Task Management module, the dashboard displays critical dates for tasks that have been previously diarised, including items like rent reviews, lease renewals, insurance renewals and bank guarantee expiries – all through a push email interface with MS Outlook.

Cirrus8 makes it virtually impossible to miss a critical date ever again.

As the nerve centre of the Cirrus8 commercial property management system, our dashboard also provides access to our fully integrated Facilities Management module (CirrusFM) and our interactive Knowledge Base. With powerful search functionality, moving to the part of the system you are seeking is simple and obvious.

Forms Section

Whether you are outsourcing components of your accounts processing or undertaking the work inhouse, Cirrus8’s dashboard displays an easy to read snapshot of the online forms ready for processing.

With many groups embracing the work from home model or opting to offshore their accounts processing, the online virtual form processing architecture of Cirrus8 provides a new way for modern property companies to engage with their work force.

The work flows in Cirrus8 create an efficient and productive way of managing commercial real estate, with a built in probity step that helps to catch processing errors before they are written to the database.

Unique to Cirrus8, our online forms replace the paper shuffling that still exists in many property companies today and helps the planet at the same time.

Business Intelligence

Cirrus8 generates powerful Business Intelligence reporting, giving business owners access to key performance indicator information at the click of a button.

Graphic representations of portfolio lease expiries, management fees per property manager and arrears management are all available in the Business Intelligence module – helping directors and managers better run their businesses.

Up to date rent roll valuations can be performed at any stage, providing real estate licensees with instant reporting capabilities to financiers and shareholders.

Powerful and comprehensive, the Cirrus8 Business Intelligence module is helping many commercial property businesses’ improve their bottom line, while empowering their staff to meet and exceed their KPI’s.


Never miss a critical date again.

In commercial property management, making sure lease agreements are properly administered and tenant obligations are accurately implemented, relies on good diary date management.

Cirrus8 has industry leading integrated functionality, that makes missing critical items almost impossible.

Once diarised, critical date reminders are sent via push emails to MS Outlook and can also be accessed through a multitude of date and item configured reports.

Directors and department managers can also receive reminder emails, to ensure good checks and balances are created around critical work flow areas.

Linking to our Task Management system, the critical diary date calendar becomes the epicenter of a property manager’s daily work process.

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