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For Trust Accountants

  • Automation of the most mundane tasks frees you up to work on what's really important.
  • Control what data is written to the system with an easy approval process that eliminates 99% of errors.


Cirrus8 brings the latest in contemporary configurable reporting to the commercial property industry.

Both cash and accrual compliant, Cirrus8 boasts its own General Ledger module, negating the need to piggyback off other general accounting packages to do the more complex reporting requirements. With the ability to integrate with MYOB (Cloud), Xero and other browser based general accounting packages, the platform is changing the way property accounting data transfer is done.

Cirrus8 also includes a full function Budgeting module allowing property income and expenditure budgets to be seamlessly prepared and uploaded into the system. Permitting actual to budget variance reporting, both by dollar value and percentage. Forecasting tools are built into the system, to provide the most detailed accrual accounts reporting available in the market.

The platform also includes specialist strata/owners corp reports, giving strata managers detailed and comprehensive monthly accounting reporting capabilities. With multiple tenancy schedule formats, you may choose the tenancy schedule that best reflects the reporting requirements of the property.

Cirrus8 allows reporting to multiple platforms, including Excel, PowerPoint, Word, PDF and Argus Portfolio Valuation software.

The system will produce fully coded ATO compliant BAS Statements, streamlining monthly and quarterly BAS compliance.

General Ledger

Many products in the market use other general accounting products to do their heavy lifting in the accounting space. Leading to inefficient processing, workarounds, and lost productivity. Cirrus8 boasts its own built in General Ledger module, providing for fully integrated and powerful accounts processing.

Cirrus8 can produce profit and loss statements, balance sheets, trial balances and journals, while also integrating with many of the world's most popular cloud-based general accounting packages. This removes the necessity for repetitive, double handling of data input.

Cirrus8 allows accrual accounting for property to be undertaken easily and efficiently.


Cirrus8 provides the latest in complete and efficient commercial property budgeting, with its fully integrated Budget module.

With multiple Smart Buttons, Cirrus8 allows property managers to quickly populate the budgeting module with last year’s actuals, before fine tuning individual cells to accommodate changes in expenses. Flexible and easy to use, the budgeting module brings time saving efficiency to what was once a time consuming and complicated part of commercial property management.

Simply increase last years actuals by CPI, or upload changes directly from Excel. Either way, the Budgeting module makes property managers' lives much easier at budget time.

Outgoing Reconciliation

The Outgoing Reconciliation module comes free with every Property Manager and Accountant user license.

Cirrus8 allows you to download year to date transactions for an interim reconciliation or the full years financials for the annual outgoing reconciliation at the push of a button.

Simply finetune individual cells to complete the reconciliation process in record time.

Everything is contained in one easy to use workbook, that actually prepares the reconciliation summary ready for audit. If you choose, the system will also create fully formatted letters to each of the building’s tenants detailing the adjustments in a professional Word letter format.

Invoicing and Payments - Tenant Invoicing

Cirrus8 generates all the tenant invoicing automatically in an easy to read, itemised and professional looking format. The invoices are sent seamlessly from the system by email and provide detailed information to the tenant about all of the monthly charges levied.

All tenant invoicing is GST compliant and meets all statutory licensing requirements for RE agencies in every state of Australia and internationally.

Tenants can pay by BPay, EFT, Direct Debit or DEFT, offering a multitude of convenient ways of paying their monthly account. If granted Tenant Portal access, your tenants can login to the system and download their latest financial billing information.

Cirrus8 includes industry leading On Charge functionality, where the CirrusAI system will be automatically split the directly recoverable charges across all of the building’s tenants and attach a copy of the original utilities invoice.

Built-in machine learning also works out the correct property details and account code to allocate to those invoices scanned into the system’s OCR data stripping technology. The time saved is game changing, you'll never want to do it the old way again!

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